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Volvo 745 Antenna Cable Repair

Today’s post describes how to diagnose and repair a defective antenna cable as used in 1985-1987 Volvo 745 wagons.  The general techniques, and much of the data, would probably be applicable to virtually all Volvo 240, 700, and 900 series … Continue reading

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Volvo D24T Cruise Control Throttle Spool Repair

The Volvo D24 and D24T Cruise Control (CC) throttle spools are notorious for their high failure rate.  The natural shake and rattle of the D24 and D24T engines cause the CC throttle spools to vibrate and thus to wear rapidly.  … Continue reading

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Review, Volvo 740, 940 Exhaust Pipes, B230F & B234F Engines

For 1985-1992 Volvo 740 and 940 series, there seems to be considerable confusion regarding which exhaust pipe fits which Naturally Aspirated (NA) engine.  This post is an attempt to sort through the numerous sources (sometimes conflicting) and present the facts … Continue reading

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Volvo 700/900-Series Fuel Filler Lid & Hinge

This post will be of interest to an extremely limited number of people, but I had a few requests for pictures, so figured I might as well.

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Antenna Repair (1990 Volvo 745)

In today’s post, I hope to show how to repair a typical Volvo 700-series antenna mast. This particular antenna is from a 1990 Volvo 745 that belongs to a friend in Florida, a fellow Volvo enthusiast, formerly from Brunswick, Maine.  … Continue reading

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