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MGBrescuepilot Please Contact Me

Today (Sept 1, 2016) I received the following e-mail (below the row of xxx’s) from “” regarding a post that had just been made to this thread:,2566009,3345754#msg-3345754 Advertisements

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SU Carburetor Tuning

Today I will discuss tuning of SU carburetors.  Tuning includes mixture adjustment, idle speed adjustment, and synchronization.  It is assumed that your carbs have been properly rebuilt and the jets centered; if not, stop here, because your carbs are likely … Continue reading

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SU Dashpot Oil Recommendation

I am frequently asked what oil to use in SU dashpots.  To me, the answer is clear: Use Mobil 1 15W-50; nothing else works as well.  Nothing.

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SU Carburetor Rebuild (H-6)

Today’s post is about my recent rebuild of a pair of H-6 carburetors from a Triumph TR3B. Again, the primary purpose of this blog is to teach people about their SUs and to show the types of problems that are … Continue reading

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SU Carburetor Rebuild (H-4)

Reference:,2566009 (The above reference was added 3/10/2014 in the interest of fairness and to provide access to negative comments about this blog.) Today’s post describes a recent rebuild on a pair of SU Type H-4 carburetors.  Although most Type … Continue reading

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SU Carburetor Rebuild (HS-4)

Today I’d like to discuss a pair of HS-4 carburetors that I just rebuilt for a 1965 MGB.

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SU Carburetor Rebuilding (HS-6)

This will be my first real post. Actually, this SU carb rebuild is what prompted me to begin this blog in the first place. A group of guys in California decided to help a friend get her 1964 122S sedan … Continue reading

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