Bosch Model EFEP 515 Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench

This post is a plea for help.

I have this Bosch injection pump test bench, Model EFEP 515:

dscf2945It came with precious little information.  I do have the “Operating Instructions” manual, which is 40 pages long and written in four languages.  It contains roughly 10 pages of written English instructions that give the basic information necessary to operate the test bench.

What I don’t have is anything that tells me how to actually hook up, test, and calibrate an injection pump.  I feel that there is probably no way that I would ever be able to figure out on my own what I need to know to use this machine.  I need a knowledgeable person to give me a few lessons.  I think a retiree who has actually used these machines is just what I need.

I would be using this machine, probably exclusively, to test and calibrate Bosch “VE” injection pumps as used on the Volvo D24 Diesel engine, or the similar Volkswagen Rabbit Diesel engine.  See:

If I were to rebuild and test a half-dozen such pumps in a year, I would be surprised, so I’m really not going to be serious competition to anyone, or pose a threat to their livelihood.  I’m a hobbyist, nothing more.

So, I’ve posted this in the hope that someone who knows how to test and calibrate Bosch “VE” injection pumps will see it, or perhaps someone who knows such a person will see it.  If they’re willing to show me how to test Bosch “VE” injection pumps, I’d be willing to pay them a reasonable fee for their trouble.  Or, perhaps, they’d like to have an all expense paid “vacation” in the great State of Maine.

The test bench came with this additional equipment cabinet:

dscf2946As best I’ve been able to determine, this equipment is used to maintain the test fuel at proper operating temperature for testing the injection pumps, probably in a high-volume production environment.  I believe I will not be needing to use this equipment.  So, I suspect I will be looking for someone who can use it.

If you know anyone who can help me, please ask him to contact:

Tom Bryant
32 JBS Way
Wiscasset, Maine 04578

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4 Responses to Bosch Model EFEP 515 Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench

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  2. Norm says:

    You mate are unbelievable . you procure a Test Bench and do not have a Clue how to operate it . also I do not think much of your pump repair technique . You give the Trade a bad name .

    • Tom Bryant says:


      I approved your comment; I bet you thought I wouldn’t. I would say that you are the person who should be embarrassed here. Your comment will remain here for the world to see what type of a chap you are.

      As for knowing how to use it, I will soon know that. I have made arrangements with a local certified Bosch technician to teach me how to use it. He knows me from way back; we’ve been doing business for about 20 years, and he is well aware of my “repair technique.” Yet, he is willing to help me. The reason I “sent out” this plea for help was that, due to deaths and changes of ownership, he had moved on and I was unable to locate him. But, now I have located him, and he has agreed to teach me.

      Oh, and by the way, I’m not in the trade, so if the trade is to get a bad name, it will have to get it from people like you.



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