MGBrescuepilot Please Contact Me

Today (Sept 1, 2016) I received the following e-mail (below the row of xxx’s) from “” regarding a post that had just been made to this thread:,2566009,3345754#msg-3345754

For reasons that are unclear to me, the post has been removed, and the account of MGBrescuepilot (aka Jeff R) has been disabled.  I would like very much to contact Jeff R, but have no way to do so, since his account has been disabled.  So, if anyone out there knows who Jeff R is, could you please ask him to shoot me an e-mail at



Revision dated 9/3/2016:

MGBrescuepilot (aka Jeff R) has contacted me, and we have exchanged a few e-mails.  And no, I do not know his actual identity, or where he lives.  It seems that his post, copied below, to the forum is most probably what got him expelled from that forum, although the reasons are not clear, either to him or to me.  He has shared some speculations with me, and I tend to agree with his thoughts, but I guess I’ll not be sharing those speculations here.  I’ll just let you, the reader, make your own.



MGBrescuepilot wrote in Re: SU carburetor rebuild instructions


Did you know Tom Bryant put a link to the negative comments here, “in the interest of fairness” at the beginning of the H4 article?     Looks like he added the link shortly after this  discussion aired on MGE 2 years ago.  I found this discussion searching the MGE archives for info on rebuilding SU’s.  I was also specifically looking for info on the rebushing of throttle shaft.

In this other article on HS-6 rebuilding,  (about 6 paragraphs into it)  he updated in May 2016 that he has gotten a ultra-sonic cleaner to make the carbs he rebuilds pretty.  Before (2014)  he asked that the customers understand the carbs were not going to be cleaned, so if they were not already clean, to do it before sending them to him.  I guess he read the posts here about customers wanting clean,  and he thought about it, and decided it was a good idea to change.  Gotta give him points there. B)-  He discusses centering the jet pretty thoroughly, so if someone wants to roll their eyes about some sentence in that or any other of his discussions, I’m sure they can find something to poke at.  Overall his write-ups on SU’s, in comparison to other similar  write ups, is quite different and more in depth, so I would say better.  Dave Braun says he does not like the write up, and Hap thinks it is a waste of 5 minutes.  Hap does not say why it is a waste, but I imagine it is because he already has his own way of doing it right, and there was nothing for him to learn?  Fair enough, but what has Dave B got to say about what is wrong with the write ups?  I ask because I want to know what not to do, as well as what to do. Is there some bad info there, or just a different way of doing it?

As for the SU bashing, I have read his SU articles and must have missed it.  He gives a lot of tips and pointers, and as he says, he has got more SU’s to rebuild than he can handle, so the informative articles about how he does things are meant for people thinking of rebuilding their own carbs, including some of the best and detailed info on re-bushing with Delrin bushings, and even giving cutting tools sizes for the job.  Like using a 0.358 reamer and 0.366-0.371 delrin bushings, assuming the holes have not already been enlarged, which as he points out, must weaken the casting .  He talks in one about using Teflon O-rings to replace cork glands and bottom jet seal.  He shares info of .090 jet Teflon o-ring sizing, and shows an interesting technique to recess the jet holes to avoid damaging the Teflon.

Don’t know what his prices are now that he (ultrasonic) cleans the carbs, if different,  but price had been including new throttle shafts and delrin bushings with a (“the works’) rebuild of SU pairs for $220, using Teflon and other improved parts he discusses,  and new Joe Curto jets (he also shows you how to figure out if your old jets are any good).  I don’t recall seeing that anywhere else.  And who else uses the Delrin for shaft bushings?  I don’t know, I am asking, does anyone and how much?  Lifetime bushings sounds good to me.

So all I am saying is “a rather harsh review” I think, from MGE members back in 2014, with no real specific reasoning for the negative I can see, except the “cleaning” thing which was a good part of the discussion.  Has anyone use this guy, and can give a review of his work or delrin bushings in general?  thanks-

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2 Responses to MGBrescuepilot Please Contact Me

  1. coupester says:

    I’d suggest trying to get in touch with Barney Gaylord whose very big in the MG community and specifically in the MGA community. His website, The MGAguru, contains over 3000 pages of technical info and he might recognize this MGBRescuepilot person and perhaps have a current email address for him. Barney has been on the road for some 27 months with his son traveling around the country in his MGA with small trailer in tow, and helping other MG owners with mechanical problems.

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